1. Sigrid [Magnetic Duckling Sarah Dreaming version]

    Sigrid is the first dreaming Sarah with faceup. She belongs to Koala Krash who also made the makeup.


  2. Annoncement about my Magnetic Duckling dolls

    Hello Tumblr, 

    This note to announce that I am quitting making home cast for my dolls and making the leap of faith of pro cast.
    I realize I am lacking time to sculpt the new doll I want to work on so going the pro cast way will free my hands of the endless resin sanding.
    Also, even though my customers are happy with the finish of my cast, I believe professionals can do better since, well, they are professionals.

    If all goes according to plan, I’ll make a preorder as soon as possible, so if you like what I do, it would be wicked to support me because there is a lot at stake here for my future. Sorry if that sounds melodramatic but it is still the truth.

    For the LDoll, I’ll make 50% home cast and 50% pro cast, still in collaboration with Koala Krash for the makeups!


  3. Not a Magnetic Duckling doll, but I was dying to show you my Cerisedoll chocolate Constantine painted by my friend Koala Krash.
    Isn’t she a dream? I adore her so much I had to share her with you guys.

    Koala Krash works in collaboration with me and paints the majority of my dolls. She painted Tika Massala and Art Nouveau, that you might remember (see previous posts) and she takes commissions too!

    You can see more of her art at http://www.flickr.com/photos/koala-krash/


  4. Here is a ooak Sarah that was completed right before the Ldoll Festival, meaning I didn’t have a chance to post her here before the festival.

    She is an Art Nouveau inspired tangerine skin Sarah painted by Koala Krash with an outfit by Valère.

    I hope you’ll like her chest tattoo as much as I do <3


  5. I posted Tika Massala already but I felt the urge to share more detailed pictures of her. I am so fond of this doll!

    My friend Koala Krash painted her. Feel free to visit her at http://www.flickr.com/photos/koala-krash/


  6. Tika Massala is a ooak Magnetic Duckling Sarah entirely customized by Koala Krash as her entry for the customization contest “around the world” at Ldoll 2013 (which she won). Her entire body is painted up to the sole of her feet!

    To see more of her and her creation process (in French) please visit Koala Krash at http://koalakrash.blogspot.fr/2013/10/ldoll-4_893.html


  7. One last doll before leaving for the Ldoll Festival. Hope you like her!


  8. This is Sarah in a steampunk tutu. She is a fullset for the Ldoll Festival 2013.
    Outfit by Nekochaton and makeup by Koala Krash.

    As someone asked, my dolls are 43 cm and I cast them myself. Hope you enjoy them!


  9. Yet another Sarah for the Ldoll Festival 2013. This one is tattooed by Follow-the-Wind.


  10. This is a fullset Magnetic Duckling Sarah I’ll be presenting at Ldoll 2013. I hope you’ll like her! <3