1. truebjdconfessions:

    I’m pretty sure PulkiDoll is a copy of Iplehouse girls with some sanding here and there and those fairyland-like joint covers added in. Real strange how she “lost” all of her posts on the work she supposedly did sculpting the body. There’s literally nothing on her blog that shows that process. This doll’s headed to the DOA banned list real soon. Bank on it.


    She couldn’t make a copy of Iplehouse dolls by sanding here and there even if she wanted since her doll was sculpted digitally. She does realist proportions, Iplehouse does too, that’s basically the end of it.


  2. Hey, hey, while waiting for some Ldoll 2014 fullset pictures, what about some Magnetic Duckling Emilie wip? She’s the new doll I’m working on. The joints are still an early wip but you can already imagine what she will be capable of in terms of posing.


  3. During the short period before the cat tried to leave, that sounded like a fun thing to do!


  4. My minions arrived


  5. Anonymous said: Shout out to doll makers BluOxyde, Freakystylebjd, Karlyl, Rafael-Nuri, Akh, CIcadasoup Poochbot, Art-Iculated, Srdoll, MagneticDuckling, Azusa-Campanella and all you other amazing people from the #artist doll tag! Keep making dolls! No matter how known or unknow you are, your effort and your bravery are beautiful, and I highly admire you.


    bluoxyde freakstylebjd karlyl rafael-nuri akh cicadasoup art-iculated srdoll magneticduckling azusa-campanella 

    That is so sweet it made my day. Thank you <3


  6. While sculpting new dolls (see previous post), we are also of course working on the Ldoll fullsets.
    Magnetic Duckling sunlight tan, opened eyes Sarah, faceup by Koala Krash, outfit by Valère, wig by Sweet Neat Crafts.


  7. I happily present you what I’ve been working on these past weeks: my new doll, Emilie.

    Based upon a real person, this doll will be a MSD size with double joints, like my Sarah. Since she’s based on a real person, she’ll of course somehow have realistic human proportions.
    You guys often praise the pose-ability of my Sarah, so I want Emilie to pose as good as you’re used to with Magnetic Duckling’s Dolls.
    of course this is only a very early wip, but I’ll keep you updated as often as possible.

    DarkDojy (aka Koala Krash who does the beautiful makeups of my dolls), StrawDojy and I all work together on our gals with curves. You can follow our advancement (in french) on http://www.materielceleste.com/t54545-les-trois-graces-a-dark-duckling-s-straw-production

    Thank you for watching <3


  8. freakstylebjd:

    The cost of dolls

    After Friday’s post, there is another matter I’d like to discuss. Every now and then when I’m browsing the internet, I come across a post of someone saying how:

    these dolls are way too expensive and doll artists make a ridiculous profit off our backs”.

    When only looking at…


  9. semiotickitten:


    Certain types of people must be susceptible to health issues caused by MSC. I NEVER had any problems for the years I’ve been doing faceups without a mask and I won’t stop either. I refuse to pay for something I don’t need. If you need one though, then do what you need to,…


    It is not worth your long term health, please.

    To me, this sounds like “I’ve never had lung cancer so I see no point in quitting smoking”. Because something didn’t happen to you yet, doesn’t mean it never will.
    It is a long term health issue indeed even if nothing will happen at first, or for years. Use a mask or it’s natural selection.


  10. My creation’s preorder is still running until June 24th <3
    English form: http://www.magneticduckling.com/order/en/preorder.php
    Formulaire en français : http://www.magneticduckling.com/order/fr/preorder.php